Enjoying Your New Home

Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 11:15AM

Enjoying Your New Home

Finding a home of your own is an experience worth reveling in—but the journey doesn’t end there! The first few weeks in your new home offer you a chance to make it a space that works for you, that you’ll grow to treasure for years to come.

Looking for ideas on how to do that? We’ve got you covered! Take a look below to see our best tips and ideas for optimizing your experience in your new home.

­Have fun exploring the ins and outs of your new home

For many of us, moving into a new home means spending several weeks (or more) getting to know what’s what, which switch affects which light, how the thermostat works, and more. While this is a natural transition process, you can make it a bit more fun by getting the whole family involved. Family members can keep a running tally of “discoveries” they’ve made (like how to turn on the pesky outdoor fan, for example), and you can turn mysteries like this into a game you all enjoy. There’s bound to be some confusion at first, especially when moving into a home that’s stacked to the brim with all the amenities, but turning the process into something special will make it more rewarding for all.

Fill your space with the smell of baked goods and homecooked meals

There’s no faster (or better) way to usher in new experiences in your home than with homecooked meals and delicious baked goods! The entire family can enjoy the process of whipping up slow-cooked meals or family favorites like cookies and brownies, which won’t only taste good but will fill the home up with a sweet, familiar scent, too.

Help Fido along the way

Perhaps surprisingly, your four-legged friend might have the most trouble adjusting to his new surroundings. To help make the transition an easier one, you can carve out a special spot for Fido (behind a staircase, for example, or in an awkward nook of the kitchen) and maintain his sleep-eat-play routine from your original home.

Leave complex problems to the pros

A good rule of thumb is to leave complex or unfamiliar problems you encounter to the pros—electrical issues, plumbing problems, questions about the structure of the home, and more. While many of these issues will call for a quick fix, it’s best to play it safe and get an expert opinion—especially when it’s your home and safety involved!

Of course, one of the most integral parts of any new home is the insurance you use to cover it. As you embark on this exciting next step, count on Ed Jones to provide you with the plans and expertise you need.

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