Fun in the Sun: 5 Tips for Swimming Safety

Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 10:59AM

Fun in the Sun: 5 Tips for Swimming Safety

The sun is shining, the days are longer, and there could not be a better time to get out and enjoy your backyard swimming pool.

As you prep for the splashing fun ahead, take a look at today's blog for a few quick tips on swimming safely.

Surround your pool with a safe border

A fence or pool enclosure can make your pool a little safer for your own family (including four-legged friends!) as well as your neighbors.

Let's face it--on a hot summer day, the cool blue water of your pool is more than tantalizing. While you may want to jump right in, however, younger swimmers may need some help and supervision with getting into the water. Having a barrier around your pool makes it easier to keep them out of the pool when you're not with them.

Having a fence or similar barrier can potentially decrease your insurance rates, too, since a backyard pool that's more safeguarded is easier to insure.

Swim with a friend

It's always good to swim with a friend, so teach this simple tip as part of your pool rules. Not only is buddying up much more fun--it can make the swimming experience a safer one, too! Young swimmers should always be paired up with a parent or another trusted adult who can help out in the water.

Swim--don't run--to fun

We're all in a hurry to jump in and splash around--especially kids! Remind them to walk on the pool deck, especially since it can get slippery, and save their high-octane kicks and tricks for the water.

Lather up

For the safety (and comfort) of your skin, always be sure to lather on the sunscreen before jumping into the pool. (Your skin will thank you later!) In addition to this simple tip, you can plan your swimming sessions around the morning or late afternoon/evening hours, when the sun is not quite as strong.

Be vigilant after you leave the pool

During pool parties and family gatherings, it's always wise to watch the pool and its surroundings even after you've all dried off. Getting in this habit will help you ensure that no unattended swimmers (like pets or young kids) jump in without supervision.

We hope that these tips help you swim, splash, and soak up the sun with ease, all season long!

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